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Helsinki Pride 2021

Helsinki Pride 2021

Traditionally here in Finland the week after Midsummer is booked for Helsinki Pride. During the last weeks many people in different countries have celebrated Pride. The ability to celebrate and openly support a community that for so long deemed “wrong” is clearly a sign of how our society continues to open up and cherishes our individual differences.

Finland is one of the most supportive countries to the LGBTQ+ community. It has been part of the group of nations that are seen as the most forward thinking. The more open each person can be about who they really are, the easier it is for them to find belonging in a community. 


How do you find “your people” when you have moved to another city, a new country or only recently come out? This can be challenging in the beginning and even hurtful. Finding like-minded people to create a support network for yourself is under any changing circumstances one of the most important resources. Lacking connection and not knowing whether you are accepted the way you are can have detrimental effects on your mental health and general self-worth. Also being surrounded by people who you don’t feel safe enough with to open up and just be yourself is draining and will most likely hold you back.

Create your Network

A good way to “find your people” is to first acknowledge that you have a need for more like-minded connections. After you have understood that this is the case, you can start to look around. This can be by joining meetups, groups on social media or by reaching out to established LGBTQ+ networks. No matter what you choose, it will get you closer to making new meaningful connections. We recommend that you test several strategies to increase your odds of finding a group of people whom you “click” with. 

It might take some time, especially if you are just starting to figure out how to move in your new surroundings. In the end it is worth it. We are all social beings that do better when we know that we have a safe group of friends and connections that accept us just as we are.

Photo: 3D Animation Production Company @ Pixabay

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