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Year 2021
Men deserve time for themselves: Happy Männertag & Vatertag

Men deserve time for themselves: Happy Männertag & Vatertag

On the 13th of May 2021 Germans celebrate their father’s which is also called men’s day. It is a traditional celebration which is tightly connected to Ascension Day. On this day the men usually meet in smaller or bigger groups and friend circles to celebrate themselves. Often this involves alcohol and different kinds of fun activities. This day is meant for men to give themselves a real break from the daily routines. However, right now it is hard to just follow traditions while most people experience the limitations of the lockdown. Just being surrounded by your friends and having fun together seems to be harder than ever. Besides the limitations there has been additional stress due to working from  home, a lack of routines, the closure of schools and daycares as well as problems to maintain a healthy lifestyle because of these changes. This creates additional stress and tension. 

You and all men deserve to be happy TODAY. 

Although Father’s day is only celebrated in Germany today, we give all men the opportunity to do something enjoyable and healthy for themselves, for example to relax for an hour and just get rid of the build-up tension. You can choose if you would like to visit our deep relaxation session, learn about an interesting self-development topic in one of our webinars or even book a one-on-one session with a professional to learn and relax individually.

Start to focus on your own needs, develop new habits, to bring you closer to your goals, and get rid of annoying ones. We will help you to learn how to make happier and healthier choices.


Not sure if this is really for you? 

Read what some of our previous male clients said about our service.

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