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2 Kind Minds

Sustainable Mental Well-being

Our Vision

We wish to empower our clients and enable them to deal with their individual stress levels by offering them knowledge, a variety of tools, exercises and support to conquer difficult life situations. With our guidance every client can find the right tool for increased self-efficiency and resilience.



Workshops, Training Sessions or Online Courses,
which are open to anyone and can be
booked beforehand.

Online or in real life.

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Counseling Sessions and Gift vouchers, as well as Single Training Sessions, Workshops or
customized events for one person or
a small group.

Right now only online available.

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Individually planned Training Sessions,
Workshops or customized events for
e.g. your team or your team-leaders.

Online or in real life.

For a brief overview of our service:
Download our brochure (PDF) here .

What we offer

Scheduled regularly

Preventive Stress Management


Learn about what Stress includes
and what preventive measures you can take to handle it. Learn about tools to reduce your stress level and try them out.
Find out what works for you.

Deep Relaxation Course


This course offers deep relaxation sessions.
You will be able to experience different stress regulating,
scientifically proven techniques.

10 Session Relaxation Method


This is for everyone who experienced
the benefits of Progressive Muscle Relaxation
during our Workshop or our course
and would like to learn the technique
for practicing it at home.

Brief Relaxation Break

Brief Units

This is for everyone too busy to carve out an hour during a the day of work or a busy weekend but still wants to experience the benefits of our service. By testing different techniques, each not longer than a short coffee break.

Our Topics

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What Our Clients Say

“A useful introduction to an easy-to-learn relaxation technique. Heide & Margaretha are two sympathetic instructors.”

Deep Relaxation Course

Deep Relaxation Course

“I did not expect it to work that well! I really was able to relax; I enjoyed the calm atmosphere and gentle voices. The chat was helpful in order to ask questions and the presenters answered and guided thoughtfully. I felt good and relaxed after the webinar. Now I am eager to learn more about PMR and I could imagine attending a webinar for that as well.”

Webinar – Workshop

Webinar – Workshop

“Easy to follow. Great way of presenting. Calm and professional.”

Margaretha Madoures

Margaretha Madoures

“Clear and calm voice. Gives easy to follow instructions.”

Heide Nuutinen

Heide Nuutinen