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2 Kind Minds

Exclusive Offers

For Individuals

All of the content can be adjusted to your needs and the setting you require. Our program can be included in private events. We also offer private sessions for individuals. Please request more information if you are interested in individual deep relaxation sessions or workshops.

Individual Session

Counseling: 1-on-1

 It is our goal to offer actionable tips and tricks that can be immediately
put into practice
and encourage a sustainable growth mindset in our clients.
We help you in getting a better understanding of your issues
and find strategies to work on them.
Our approach is science-informed and client-centered.
There is no one cure for all, but instead
we offer our support in finding strategies that work for you.
Our advice and help will give you the tools to make up your own mind.

You can pick a topic from the ones mentioned below,
or bring your own topic to the session.

• Stress management
• Time management
• Regulating Tension
• Sleep issues
• Worries and anxiety
• Habit formation
• Self-care prioritization
• Setting boundaries

Check out our available Sessions via Eventbrite.
Booking up to 24h in advance.
For alternative times please contact us.


Gift Voucher

Self-care and stress regulation are important topics right now.
Often we feel when our loved ones would benefit from it but
only a few take the time when then really need it.
“I do it when I have time.” – Is usually the time they need most
to start a successful routine by themselves.
Help them by making the first step for them.
We offer gift vouchers which cover all products we are offering.

If you received a gift voucher from a friend or a loved one,
congratulations, you are valued and seen as you are.
Please feel free to reach out.
We can help you to find the product or routine.
You can also check out our Events.
If you have trouble finding a time please contact us.

There are different formats and designs available.
Please Contact us for more information.
Find some examples below.


Din A5
Din A4

Individual Sessions

Individually adjusted training for your benefit

Sometimes it is easier to relax in a private setting. This can be due to heightened sensitivity in more public situatiotions or even serious health issues (e.g. recovery from Burnout). We take all issues very seriously and want to help individuals who experience a heightened sensitivity to stress. Everyone can develop resilience and self-efficiency on their terms. Our psychological background enables us to estimate the help we can provide you with, the tools we can apply and the boundaries that need to be taken into consideration. So please feel free to contact us and be assured that everything you share with us, is strictly confidential.

Individually adjusted training for your benefit

Individual Sessions

Private events promoting a healthier lifestyle

You are planning an event for a small group of friends or colleagues and would like to lay its focus on Well-being? – Great! Topics of our program can range from deep relaxation methods and tools to improve sleep quality to particular performance issues you might experience at work- and at home. We can focus on a topic of your choice and include exercises and tools to work towards your personal goals. Reach out to us for further information.

Private events promoting a healthier lifestyle