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Sustainable Routines Training

In 5 Weeks to Success

Success means to find the right self-care or stress regulation routine, implement it in your daily life, and keep it up besides changing circumstances. Succeed to reach your goals and establish a happier and healthier life style.

Why Sustainable Routines Training? – Feel in control!

Most people understand that they should regularly make time to implement new, healthy routines into their lives. When there is time and all is new and exciting, the motivation is higher, and it is easier to keep it up.
As soon as something disturbs the new routine howerver (e.g. sleeping out, guests, varying bedtimes, sickness or financial struggles), most people go back to their safe and known “default behavior”. It takes time, planning and effort to implement a new routine.
How important the investment in sustainable routines is, shows during these challenging situations. Even if the routine is meant to regulate stress and support well-being, it might not be available when it is needed the most. We developed the Sustainable Routines Training to support you.

Why Sustainable Routines Training? - Feel in control!

We are providing the step stones to a Sustainable Mental Well-being.

Making time to relax and to practice self-care in support of mental well-being, is one of the big issues of our time. Why is that? We are busy and it is hard to prioritize mental well-being over our never-ending to-do lists. Shifting to a slower pace and making time to live well makes an enormous difference, especially in times when traveling is getting more difficult. We want to help people, who only have little time to spare, and support them in the best way possible. We want to support them in reaching their goals while staying healthy and happy.

We are providing the step stones to a Sustainable Mental Well-being.

5 Hour Sustainable Routines Training

This Includes:

◻ Defining the Individual Goal
◻ Realistic Step-by-Step Plan
◽ Finding the Individual Strategies
◽ Personal Troubleshooting
◻ Maintenance Support

✅ Including material
✅ Including between-session support

⚪ All Sessions Online!