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2 Kind Minds

Brief Units

Relaxation in less than 30 minutes

During our brief units, you will be guided though short relaxing sequences. These allow you to test different relaxation techniques within a 30 minute break.


For Busy Bees

Our short 30-minute units are for those busy bees who don’t have a whole hour for relaxation in the afternoon or evening. Instead, these sessions will quickly relax and refresh your mind and body so that you can have a productive second half of your work day due to the lasting effect. We chose the times carefully. In German we offer the brief sessions at 1pm EEST, which is 12 am in Germany, whereas in Finland most people enjoy their break at 11 am EEST.

For Busy Bees

20 Minutes

Moment of Comfort

During our relaxation session you will be guided through different relaxation techniques. These techniques will help to lower your stress level, your blood pressure effectively. You will also feel immediately calmer, more balanced and more capable to handle daily struggles.

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Moment of Comfort