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Frequently asked Questions

Are there Limitations or Contraindications?

Like for all Relaxation or Mindfulness practices there are circumstances or preconditions, which may interfere with the expected result. In case you are suffering from one of the following preconditions, we would like to ask you to not participate without consulting us or a doctor beforehand.
This is the case when you are diagnosed with major depressive episodes, hypochondria, psychosis, having suicidal thoughts or small-airway asthma. Furthermore if you are currently suffering from acute pain disorders or inflammation, you should not participate. If you think it would be beneficial anyways, please contact your doctor beforehand and make sure he or she supports your choice.
You can always contact us for further information.

Do I need to lay down for the whole time of the relaxation?

In case you are having trouble laying down or your physical condition prevents it, you can inform us beforehand and we will adjust the course accordingly. We will need to know what the position is you are most comfortable in and will adjust our instructions.
Our Online Workshop Sessions are assumed to be received in the sitting position and you but you can of course lay down too.
Our Online Relaxation Courses and the Training Sessions are assumed to be received in a laying position.
Please contact us for adjustments beforehand.

List to be continued..

Feel free to ask us everything, what you feel is unclear about our service or about the information we have been sharing on our website. We want you to get all the information you need and want to support your curiosity.