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Sustainable Mental Well-being

Gain practical knowledge about topics you are struggling with by testing different tools, trying out interesting exercises and receiving information. This will help you implementing useful strategies into your routines, making them sustainable and effective for reaching your goals.

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Prevention and Stress

When we talk about stress it is important to differentiate between normal, healthy amounts of stress and chronic stress. When we experience normal amounts of stress, it helps us think quickly and enhances our experience of accomplishment and pleasure. Only when stress occurs over longer periods of time without adequate time for regeneration, should we become concerned. This kind of stress is called chronic stress and has major effects for our physical and mental health.
Stress puts the body in a state that is comparable to that of a professional athlete during a competition. Our heart rate increases, we start sweating, our thoughts are focused on a singular challenge and we experience a strong urge to either run away or combat what or whoever is challenging us. This “fight or flight” response stems from an earlier developmental state where our reaction to external stressors was often the difference between death and survival. Unfortunately, our brain responds in the same ways to today’s stressors, that usually don’t pose immediate danger to our lives.
Over time this state can manifest in increased feelings of tension, helplessness and an increased likelihood of developing physical issues such as coronary disease, sleep abnormalities and several mental health disorders, such as burnout, depression and anxiety issues.

What can we do to tell our brains to relax and stop this overwhelming state of survival?
Active and passive relaxation are the keys to better control over your stress levels. We will show you different relaxation techniques to lower your stress levels, increase your sense of control and help you prevent burnout and other physical- and mental health issues.
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– Let us show you how you can become a calmer you.

New Events


Webinar in May

Time Management:

The topic of this interactive 1-hour webinar is “Procrastination”.
Together we will explore solutions by using self-reflection,

effective prioritization and goal setting.
You will leave the session with a greater understanding

of your personal reasons to procrastinate,
get to know a strategy on how to
prioritize well and set goals effectively.

Webinar in May

Time Management: Strategies and Tools

In one hour you will learn hands-on
about directly actionable strategies that you can use
to daily time distribution and how to use tools to get organized.
You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of
how you can use suitable strategies and tools
to your advantage and complete tasks in a more relaxed mind-set
with results you can feel proud of. 

Webinar in March


Parents of 2+ year old children are welcome to join this interactive webinar and learn to apply more effective self-care techniques in their daily lives as parents. Re-discover your individuality and become a better role model for your offspring.

Webinar in April

Sleep and
Daylight Saving Time

The changing of the clocks to summertime is often related to a disruption of our sleep routine. Join this webinar and add helpful techniques and ideas to your toolkit so you can get through this period without losing sleep over it.

Webinar in January


It is a world-wide tradition to make resolutions
for the New Year. However, many struggle to follow through
with these resolutions in the months to come.
This event is for all of us who struggle with forming
and maintaining new habits. We will show you
some ways that will make it easier for you to set
realistic goals, include effective self-care in your routine
and to continue on this path in the future.
With these tips and tricks this year will be different!

Webinar in February


Our webinar will give you a basic understanding of
stress-induced effects on the body and mind.
You will learn about the impact of active relaxation.
There will be short sample exercises
to give you a brief overview about techniques
to regulate high stress levels. You will gain a profound understanding of stress and the knowledge
to create your own tool kit of self-care options,
which individually work for you and increase
your self-efficiency even during stressful times.

Past Events



Restful nights
better days!

This webinar is discussing different sleep problems,
but more importantly what you can do
to overcome them.
We will be talking about routines,
tools and other tips and tricks.
All of the information
is based in science and our expertise
as psychologists and relaxation therapists.
Let us help you make bed-time
a moment of comfort
and not of dread.



During our webinar we will explore 
what anxiety is and how it can be spotted.
You will get a better understanding 
of your options to cope with anxiety and
which of the options really work for you
You will try out different techniques
and will be enabled to use them in your
self-care routine.



Our webinar will give you
a basic understanding of stress-induced effects
on the body and mind.
You will have the chance to ask questions and learn
about the different forms of relaxation.
There will be short exercises
to give you a brief overview about techniques
to conquer and lower high stress levels.
You will leave this webinar
with a profound understanding of stress
and a tool kit of self-care
options to calm yourself down
during stressful situations.

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