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Deeply Relaxed

Deep Relaxation Course

Learn and practice different relaxation techniques, which enable you to be more in control of your stress level. You can apply these techniques whenever and where ever you need them.

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Your Benefit

What will you take home?

By joining our deep relaxation course you will experience a series of relaxation exercises that will slow down your nervous system and make it possible for you to deeply relax. You will be guided to lay your focus on your breath and the relaxation of your body, muscle group by muscle group. Finally, you may join in on a short imagination during which you will deepen the relaxation even further. Many, who experience a session, want to join in again and again. This is possible because the structure surrounding the Progressive Muscle Relaxation is varied from session to session. Each time will be deeply relaxing and gives you the opportunity to experience different variations of our repertoire.

What will you take home?

How are Courses our structured? – Example

💠 Introduction to Relaxation and PMR
💠 Dry Run (Briefing)
💠 Breathing exercise (Intro Example)
💠 PMR 16+ Muscle Groups (Main Part Example)
💠 Imagination (Outro Example)
💠 Feedback & Time for Questions

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Why PMR?

It is one of our techniques that relaxes the whole body through the conscious tensing and relaxing of different muscle groups. It is scientifically proven to help relax the body and the mind and is very easy to learn. It can be applied both while laying down on a bed or a mat or while being seated. It is an easy entrance point to active relaxation, even for people who might struggle with Mindfulness Meditation.

More PMR
Why PMR?

Good to know:

Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique that has been around for several decades.
Because it is so effective for so many people there have been studies conducted to
validate its effects.
One study that has recently been conducted, shows the benefits patients suffering from
the Coronavirus are experiencing from progressive muscle relaxation.
These patients experienced less anxiety and better sleep after PMR had been administered.
The technique does not only benefit sick people but also helps medical stuff, such as nurses
to feel less stressed, refreshed and relaxed. It even showed that the nurses seemed
to cope better with their work. 

We are trained to administer relaxation techniques individually and in groups and have our
psychological background to further cater to individual needs. The combination of the
evidence-based techniques and our personal expertise will make each session
a wonderfully relaxing experience for you.

For information on contraindications please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ)
or contact us.