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2 Kind Minds

Preventive Stress Management

Methods and Approach

We offer brief, interactive workshops and longer courses for individuals and teams. During the training we will show you better means of stress management and together we will build your personal self-care strategy.

What we do

Our Technique

It is very important for us that you can try out different techniques during our workshops and courses to figure out which techniques work for you, and which one’s don’t. It is important for us to ensure that every participant leaves with a strategy that works for them!
We individually tailor our evidence-based workshops to your needs and your level of expertise.

Our Technique

Deep Relaxation Practices

include different exercises, which help you reach a state of deep relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation (Bernstein & Borkovec)
Imagination-based relaxation
Breathing exercises
For activation after deep relaxation we use different exercises (e.g. Qi-gong)
All exercises take the fitness level (physical & mental) of our clients into account

Flexible Course Components

can be freely selected by clients to fit individual needs and goals

Basic information on stress, the brain and the body
Multimodal Stress Management
The importance of self-care for Stress Management
Passive versus active relaxation
Mindful eating practice
Introduction to positive affect systems
How to include more self-care in your daily life

How we do it

Our Core

Our training is evidence-based and built up on our own experience with clinical psychology and coaching. We draw heavily on themes from behavioral- and compassionate focused therapy, which are both widely practiced and scientifically proven ways to treat a wide variety and prevent relapse of different mental health issues.

We believe that everyone can find their own path into a better understanding of stress and relaxation. There is a wide variety of approaches to relaxation out there, but often these approaches are not evidence-based.

We can offer an entrance point to relaxation that is aimed at people who need a more rational, scientific approach to stress management.
Although our approaches are based in science, we do not believe stress management and relaxation training has to be sterile or cold. We are convinced that a humanistic, open and caring approach is one that clients appreciate. We are on eye-level with our clients, and take the personal preferences of our clients very seriously. Because we want you to feel your best, you and your team can decide which parts to include in our training. You know what feels right for you, which is why we will change our training content based on your needs and your preferences.

Our Core